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PP plastic 20/415 Purple Smooth Disc Cap


PP plastic 20/415 Purple Smooth Disc Cap

Product No.:CGQ20A/415

Product Number:CGQ20A/415



MOQ:10000 pcs

Material:New PP Plastic

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Are you searching for a supplier of disc top caps and closures to enhance your packaging solutions? Look no further. ChangGuang Packaging is your premier destination for a wide range of dispensing disc top caps available in various sizes, including 20-410, 20-415, 24-410, 24-415, and 28-410,28-415. As a leading authority in the plastic packaging industry, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional products tailored to meet the needs of contract fillers, retailers, and brand owners.

Disc top caps and closures are pivotal components in the packaging world, ensuring controlled dispensing and safeguarding product integrity. At ChangGuang Packaging, we understand the significance of these components in optimizing user experience and preserving product quality. Our extensive selection of disc top caps caters to a spectrum of applications, from cosmetics and personal care products to pharmaceuticals and household chemicals.

A disc top closure, also known as a disc cap or flip-top cap, is a type of closure commonly used in packaging for various products like lotions, shampoos, and liquid soaps. It consists of a plastic cap with a hinged disc or lid on top, which can be opened and closed by pressing on one side of the lid. The design of the disc top closure allows for easy dispensing of the product while preventing spills and ensuring controlled usage.

Our Service:
1. we can provide samples,but the freight cost will pay on you.
2. Provide our palstic bottle caps catalogue.
3. If you send us the bottle, we can do the vacuum leak test for you.
4. We are a professional plastic bottle cap factory, accept OEM and ODM。
5. The product color can be customized, and the product packaging can be customized according to the requirements.

If you have any specific product needs or customization requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to doing our best to meet your unique demands.

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